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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for our Brandon Bioscience team, take a look at some of the events where our team have visited recently:

RECROP, Murcia, Spain

Brandon Bioscience R&D Scientist, Juan Francisco Sanchez Lopez attended the First Annual RECROP Cost meeting, at the University of Murcia. Juan had a poster of recent research of how Martello® helps chilli peppers to cope with high temperatures by reducing Reactive Oxygen Species, improving pollen viability and enhancing yield. At Brandon Bioscience we mimic harsh environmental conditions in order to understand the molecular mechanism of our products. This allows us to have a realistic idea of how our products work in the field, improving communication with customers and farmers.

RECROP is a COST action focused on gaining knowledge about agriculture in the context of climate change and global warming. More than 160 scientists from all over the world have gathered at Murcia to share and discuss the newest knowledge about heat stress in plants.

EBIC Summit, Brussels, Belgium

Brandon Bioscience Marketing Manager, Deirdre Wall attended the European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) Summit. The event brought together the biostimulant industry and the agrifood chain to discuss the challenges we face as our population grows and the climate continues to change. Deirdre took part in a roundtable panel discussion “Working together to enable farmers as agile entrepreneurs”.

The panel was moderated by Journalist Natasha Foote, and also featured: Eduardo Cuoco, IFOAM Organics Europe; Louis Gauthier, Doriane; Glauco Bertoldo, Agricultural Attaché at the Mission of Brazil to the European Union.

The panel stressed the need to continue to attract talent and skills to the agrifood sector and provide competitiveness at farm, European and global level. The experts also spent time emphasising the importance of plant health and the balance between all three pillars of sustainability. Discussion persists around how best to incentivise data collection and remunerate farmers for it, but it is vital we collect it to demonstrate the impact biostimulants have on improving plant health, resilience to climate stress and farmer competitiveness.

Irish Plant Scientists’ Association Meeting, Cork, Ireland

Our team attended the Irish Plant Scientists’ Association Meeting (IPSAM) at University College Cork today. IPSAM’s focus is to provide a platform for plant science research and a forum for collaboration with industry stakeholders. Juan Francisco Sánchez López Ph.D presented “the activity of an Ascophyllum nodosum extract enhances thermotolerance in chilli peppers”.

MARTELLO launches in Southeast Asia

Brandon Bioscience, Commercial Manager, Jesus Javier Soto Ruiz, had the pleasure of meeting with our partners, Agspec Group, and their local teams in Thailand and Vietnam. We were proud to launch MARTELLO® in Southeast Asia and look forward to seeing how it can help growers maximise and protect their yields.

We also had the opportunity to connect with local retailers and durian growers. It is exciting to see the impact our products are having in these markets and explore how we can serve their needs in the future. A big thank you to our partners at Agspec Group for their hospitality, our 12-year partnership continues to be a source of pride, helping our brands grow globally.

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