AgTech Ireland and ASA come together to showcase latest AgTech innovations in Ireland

Brandon Bioscience had the opportunity to attend an event “The Future of Agriculture through AgTech”. Held at the new AgTech UCD Innovation Centre at Lyons Farm, Kildare, those in attendance were provided with a panel discussion on how innovation will help the agriculture industry to improve efficiency and reach environmental targets.

Insights on the day highlighted that farmers are looking to work smarter and that quick return on investment is important for success as technology moves fast and farmers want to move with it.

Brandon Bioscience was part of a company pitching session, where each company spent 3 minutes discussing their innovation followed by a further 3 minutes Q&A. It was great to hear from like-minded companies who share a passion for innovation through practical and problem-solving technologies.

We spoke about our nitrogen use efficiency technology, PSI® 362. Working with Target Fertilisers to produce the Terra Range of Fertilisers, our Nitrogen Use Efficiency Technology biostimulant, PSI® 362 Precision Technology is expertly coated onto NPK fertiliser granules. PSI® 362 provides growers with the solution to apply up to 25% less nitrogen on farm.

PSI® 362, when coated on the Terra Range stimulates the nitrate transponders in the plant to take up more of the available nitrogen in the soil than they would normally do. The extra nitrates taken up are converted into amino acids which produce more chlorophyll and therefore more photosynthesis takes place. This means we get similar biomass levels produced with up to 25% less N as well as seeing higher dry matter levels in the crop afterwards.

Thank you to ASA, AgTech Ireland, AgTech UCD Innovation Centre and all the AgTech companies who took part on the day.

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