our commitment
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Sustainability Journey

our sustainability journey

As Brandon Bioscience continues to grow, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint across our entire supply chain from our production sites to the materials used in our packaging and to how our solutions reach our customers around the world.

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Embracing Environmental Responsibility

As we remain at the forefront of biostimulant production, we are proud to work with nature to provide the highest quality products to help our customers reach their environmental goals. The strength of our customers and suppliers enables us to be leaders in sustainability. As a business, we ensure our own processes of production reflect this too.

Sustainability in Numbers

UN Sustainable Development Goals

2. Zero Hunger

Every year, hundreds of millions of people remain undernourished. With our solutions, Brandon Bioscience consistently shows increases in productivity across a variety of crops even in sub-optimal conditions. Increasing the amount of food using less land helps increase food security and reduce world hunger.

4. Quality Education

Through involvement with regulatory bodies and scientific publications, we help educate the wider audience about biostimulants as an agronomic solutions. When we support our customers, we transfer expertise to the grower so that they get the most out of our solutions. Moreover, when we collaborate in research with third-level institutions, we help educate and mentor future generations.

6. Clean Water & Sanitation

Water is the most valuable resource on this planet, it is the lifeblood of agriculture. Unfortunately, approximately 2.3 billion people live in water stressed countries. These countries also happen to be areas that produce a large portion of global staple crops. Our concentrated solutions not only require less water to apply and are completely safe within the environment preventing ecological damage to water systems.

8. Decent Work & Economic Growth

Approximately 26% of people work within the agricultural sector globally (% of total employment). Our solutions and technologies allow producers to improve, increase and expand on their agricultural systems in order to move away from traditional, subsistent farming and towards commercially viable farming.

9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Innovation within our industry is key to sustainable growth. Working together with our peers to assess, accredit, and validate biostimulants as a reliable and effective agronomic tool, we are helping to build sustainable solutions for agriculture into the future.

12. Responsible Consumption & Production
An environmental product must be produced in an environmentally friendly way. Brandon Bioscience is committed to continually reducing the impact of production, packaging and logistic activities on the environment. Our raw material is sustainably harvested in order to make sure that no ecological damage is incurred in order to create our solutions.
13. Climate Action

The climate crisis is the largest problem humankind is facing. Cooperation and innovation is needed if we are to reduce this problem. Unfortunately, global climate change is destabilising many of the natural processes that make modern agriculture possible. Biostimulants offer a solution that can aid in facing these challenges. Our solutions create cropping systems which require less water, less fertilisers and agronomic chemicals, less nutrient inputs and less land. While growing conditions are subsequently becoming more erratic, our solutions have promoted strong productivity in these adverse conditions. Requiring less but producing more is the key in creating greener agriculture.

15. Life on Land
Arable land is necessary for successful agricultural activities, however arable land per capita continues to decrease with time. We need to feed more people on less land. Importantly, we cannot destroy surrounding habitats to gain more land for agriculture. We need to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss.
17. Partnerships for the Goals
A successful sustainable development agenda requires partnership and collaboration. Working together with growers, our suppliers, third-level institutions and industry peers, we are committed to achieving the sustainable development goals in all countries that our solutions reach.

Setting Standards in Excellence

Defining Our Industry


Our Commitment to Compliance

Award Winning Performance

Operational Excellence

At the Forefront of Biostimulant Production

Our processing facilities are strategically located close to our raw material sources. This gives us the capability to process the freshest of raw materials to produce the highest quality of functional biostimulant.

Our facilities deliver best in class operational efficiency, lean practices & energy efficiency to create our portfolio of biostimulants. By investing in our facilities, we are able to reinforce our commitment to quality and ensure our processes are efficient and consistent for our customers.

Our Quality Promise

We continuously assess the composition of our bioactives via proprietary bioactivity assays to get an extract profile to assure higher efficacy and consistency of our solutions. Not only are we constantly assessing composition but also how biomolecules are causing reactions in the plant. We achieve this in our labs through high throughput screening to understand the mode of action (MOA) and to check that the solution is performing.

Unrivalled Technical Support & Advice

As a leader in plant health and nutrition, we strive to provide the highest-quality assistance to our customers by providing a reliable portfolio of products backed by science, technical advice and support to ensure you get the most out of our biostimulants.

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Helping our Customers get the Most out of Biostimulants

Driving Consistency & Performance through our
Optimised Extraction Processes

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Higher %
of Smaller Active

Enhanced Product

Lower Application Rates

Proven Results

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