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At Brandon Bioscience, we enable growers to grow more with less, naturally, and reliably. Whether you are looking to increase abiotic stress tolerance, nutrient use efficiency or crop quality, our next generation of biostimulants are designed to empower growers to meet their production, revenue and sustainability goals with confidence.

PSI® Technology

Precision & Performance Meet Sustainability

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PSI® Precision Range, Finetuning Bioactivity for Maximum Performance

Our standardised PSI®Technology platform combined with progressive innovation has created our range of next generation biostimulants, the PSI® Precision Range.

What makes this range of precision biostimulants unique is our ability to finetune the bioactivity of our extracts to create and guide the plants natural response system to target well defined responses in the plant. Through precision biostimulation, plant signalling biomolecules are engineered to target specific crop issues and growing obstacles that farmers face.

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Pioneers in Research of Marine Biomolecules

Our Innovation Starts and Ends With Growers, Our Customers.

Brandon Bioscience's research and development
As a result, 15% of Brandon Bioscience’s turnover is invested in R&D annually. This allows our team of world class scientists to continually tap into the undiscovered potential of marine biomolecules and targets productivity challenges to maximise ROI for growers using our PSI® Technology.

Collaboration for
Credible Solutions

By collaborating with industry, research and universities, we have established a world-class R&D portfolio that is built on delivering differentiated solutions that meet your growing needs. Working with key institutions ensures our precision biostimulants are backed by credible sources.

With 17 peer reviewed papers published, our customers can trust PSI® Technology backed solutions.

Our Key Ingredient is
Our Deep Domain Knowledge

Our research capabilities embodied in our PSI® Precision Technology is designed to deliver precision biostimulation for optimum performance. 

See how our expertise translates into yield, quality and return on investment. Speak to a member of our team and take a steps towards a more sustainable future.

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