PSI® Technology – Bio-Based Technologies Meeting Market Demands & Farmers’ Needs

Using our immense knowledge base, we have optimised how to get the most out of what nature provides. We care deeply about preserving and concentrating the power of our raw material through proprietary extraction processes that allow targeted production, optimisation, and control of bioactives.

Our PSI® (Plant Signal Induction) proprietary Technology enables us to produce unique biostimulants, with a formulated composition for specific purposes.  The success of our PSI® technology platform is built from 5 interrelated pillars.

  • Novel marine Bioactives – Deep raw material knowledge.
  • Proprietary Extraction Processes – Scientifically validated optimized extraction.
  • Physicochemical Analysis – Scientifically validated product consistency.
  • Bioactivity Analysis – Scientifically validated modes of action in well-known plant models.
  • Field Performance – Scientifically validated crop field data.

These pillars are designed to maintain consistent product quality and performance. Rigorous analysis and testing of these bioactives across multiple layers of data, allows our team to create the right solution for the right problem. PSI® essentially means moving away from generic seaweed extracts to more functional and specific extracts that offer improved performance and reliability. Our PSI® range is derived exclusively from Ascophyllum nodosum and includes a highly concentrated alkaline extract, formulated to create crop yield and quality, and our aqueous extract, which is scientifically proven to enhance abiotic stress tolerance, retaining crop yield and quality under adverse conditions.

PSI® Precision Technology, for next generation performance

Our PSI® Technology platform combined with progressive innovation has also created Brandon Bioscience’s range of next generation biostimulants. PSI® Precision Technologies come with a powerful provenance based on 25 years of research and consist of novel plant signalling biomolecules engineered to target specific crop issues and growing obstacles through delivering precision biostimulation. PSI® Precision Technology gives us an ability to finetune the bioactivity of our extracts and produce a highly consistent biological product.

Our PSI® Precision Technology range guides the plants natural response system to target well defined responses in the plant, creating specific nutrient use efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance and quality traits. These include PSI® 362, which is an engineered biomolecule complex derived from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed that significantly improves a crop’s nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). PSI-362 is formulated to work with grower’s fertiliser programs (i.e., as a coating in granular fertiliser) and allows for up to 25% reduction in nitrogen application without comprising crop yield and quality. Another product newly developed is PSI® 475, which is designed to improve yield and quality in crops growing in areas irrigated with saline water. PSI® 475 is designed to improve well-known salinity stress tolerance mechanisms such as reduced ion toxicity and enhanced osmotic stress tolerance. PSI® 433 is a marine biomolecule complex that can improve water uptake, retention and use efficiency for greater crop yields. Finally, PSI® 759 is a premium biostimulant that physiologically increases pod shattering resistance and increases yields in podded crops (e.g., oilseed rape or soybean) via a natural physiological mode of action.

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