Biostimulants and their role in sustainable agriculture in 2023

The global climate crisis continues to impact food production and its supply, through changing patterns of rainfall, increasing the incidences of extreme weather events and through the degradation of arable land.. These climatic events are having a very real impact on global crop yields.

Along with the impact of climate change on agriculture, the world’s population is predicted to grow to 9.8 billion by 2050, putting extra pressure on the global food supply chain. In order to meet this increased demand, food production will need to increase. Traditional grower practices and fertiliser solutions alone are not sufficient to handle this added demand for food & to tackle the current gap in yields. Environmental targets on the reduction of nutrient losses as well as the reduction of chemical fertilisers highlight the urgent need for new sustainable technologies. These technologies will allow growers to sustainably deliver increased yields from the limited resources available.

How can biostimulants help?

Biostimulants are solutions applied to plants that will stimulate the natural plant processes. They enhance nutrient uptake so fewer nutrients are lost to the environment. This enhanced uptake produces higher quality crops with an increase in marketable yield. Biostimulants have been proven to increase tolerance mechanisms that help plants cope with abiotic stresses like extreme drought, extreme heat and cold, and salinity in irrigation systems and in the soil.. They help the plant tolerate the stress while also recovering faster when the period of stress has subsided. This is hugely beneficial to growers worldwide at a time when our climate and weather conditions are less predictable.

At Brandon Bioscience, we are working with growers worldwide to help them meet their productivity challenges. How are we doing this? Everything we do is focused on delivering agronomic solutions that perform where it matters most – in the field. As a research-led biotechnology company, we control the supply of our raw material, we lead the way in research of seaweed based biostimulants and in-turn, we manufacture a portfolio of natural biological products with the consistency and power of conventional agrochemicals. Our target driven design ensures our solutions consistently target specific responses within the plant and our team of scientists and agronomists provide unrivalled technical support in the field to help growers maximise their potential.

The biostimulant industry continues to grow across markets and is growing at CAGR 12.5% with regulation being implemented at national and international levels. This highlights the demand as well as the effectiveness of a category that can bring (and is bringing) about real change in conventional agricultural systems.

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