NEW EU REGULATION: A defining step for Brandon Bioscience as SEALICIT® is approved to carry CE Mark

Brandon Bioscience is proud to announce that its plant biostimulant, SEALICIT®, a product designed to reduce pod shatter in oilseed rape (OSR), has been approved under the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR) 2019/1009. SEALICIT® is one of the first biostimulant products in Europe to receive this certification and will carry the CE mark on all product packaging. Partnering with crop protection and specialty seed company, Nufarm Europe GmbH, SEALICIT® will be exclusively available through Nufarm’s extensive distribution network in Europe.

The EU FPR allows Brandon Bioscience to specify the effects of their plant biostimulants and make these claims on the product label. The justification of SEALICIT® claim was verified by an independent national Notified Body, Certrust Kft., following submission of a dossier of technical information and test results. Receiving this certification allows Brandon Bioscience to access the EU Single Market with SEALICIT® with immediate effect.

SEALICIT® works to physiologically increase pod shattering resistance and aid in uniform ripening prior to harvesting. It does this by downregulating INDEHISCENT (IND), the master regulator gene responsible for pod shatter in OSR. When IND is downregulated, lignification in the dehiscence zone (predetermined breaking point) is reduced thus making pods mechanically stronger and delaying their natural tendency to shatter. Growers can now confidently direct head the crop later than usual to maximise yield and oil development for greater returns.  Additional peace of mind during periods of extreme weather is also a welcome plus.

SEALICIT® is created using Brandon Bioscience’s PSI® Precision Technology. This ensures the specific fraction of the raw material that influences pod shatter is identified and utilised. With RT-qPCR tests confirming the downregulation of IND gene accompanying every batch (precision biostimulation), growers can be confident that SEALICIT®, a PSI® Precision backed solution, is the smart choice. Such PCR-based validation of a product’s ‘mode-of-action’ is a world first and represents another important development towards the claim-focused description of higher functioning biostimulants that SEALICIT® represents.

SEALICIT® with PSI® 759 Precision Technology offers an exclusive spray-on-trait which makes pods more shatter resistant than untreated varieties to lock in extra yield at harvest. SEALICIT® is applied before flowering (BBCH-BBCH55) and can be easily mixed with crop protection products for a wide range of applications.

With 90+ trials and an average yield increase of 5%, the scientifically proven benefits and substantial for growers. SEALICIT® buys time without compromising on yield through a longer harvesting window. It also gives flexibility with choice of OSR variety as well as improving field hygiene by reducing OSR volunteers into the following seasons.

In an exclusive distribution partnership with Nufarm Europe GmbH, SEALICIT® will be available throughout Europe within Nufarm’s NuBio portfolio and carry the NuBio label. Nufarm’s biological insecticides, fungicides and biostimulants carry the registered “NuBio” label. This means that farmers can easily identify effective biological solutions.

Following the registration of SEALICIT®, Oliver Kiernan, CEO of Brandon Bioscience, stated: “This is an exciting day for Brandon Bioscience as it allows our plant biostimulant SEALICIT® to carry the CE Mark that confirms consistency, quality & traceability and gives it access to the EU Single Market. This gives growers & food producers access to innovative & sustainable biostimulants like SEALICIT® to maximise yield security year-on-year”.

Dr. Aleksandra Trampczynska, Biologicals Manager EuMEA at Nufarm: “By partnering with Brandon Bioscience, we are offering farmers in Europe an innovative and effective solution with proven results to maximise winter oilseed rape production as well as adding a high-performing biostimulant to our NuBio portfolio.”

About Brandon Bioscience: Brandon Bioscience specialises in the development of plant biostimulants from natural resources using its PSI® Precision Technology. Based in Co. Kerry, Ireland, Brandon Bioscience’s biostimulant solutions are used by thousands of growers in over 40 countries to improve crop yield and quality sustainably.

About Nufarm: Nufarm Europe GmbH is a leading developer and manufacturer of crop protection solutions and seed technologies

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