NEW PUBLICATION: Chitosan from Mushroom Improves Drought Stress Tolerance in Tomatoes

The publication “Chitosan from Mushroom Improves Drought Stress Tolerance in Tomatoes” becomes our 2nd paper published in 2024 after a fruitful collaboration between researchers from Marigot Ltd, Brandon Bioscience and Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre / Munster Technological University. This research is an output of Dr. Olusoji Demehin’s PhD in Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre / Munster Technological University in collaboration with Marigot Ltd.

Chitosan, derived from chitin found in crustacean shells and fungi cell walls, is often used in agriculture to mitigate environmental stress in plants. However, its production from crustaceans involves harsh chemicals and limited supply. This study compared chitosan from mushrooms to crustacean chitosan in enhancing drought stress tolerance in tomato plants. Results showed that both types of chitosan improved plant resilience to drought stress, suggesting that fungi-derived chitosan could be a more sustainable alternative to crustacean-derived chitosan in agriculture.

This paper, published in the Journal Plants MDPI, further highlights Marigot Ltd and Brandon Bioscience’s commitment to ongoing innovation, exploring different natural materials for biostimulant formulation development and ensuring that they are both sustainable and scientifically validated.

Well done to all the team Dr. Olusoji Demehin, Dr. Maha Attjioui, Dr. Oscar Goñi Ramos, Dr. Shane O’Connell

Full open-access publication:

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