PSI®362 Precision Technology: Brandon Bioscience’s third biostimulant gains EU Fertilising Products Regulation Approval

Brandon Bioscience is proud to announce that its plant biostimulant technology, PSI®362 Precision Technology, that is designed to improve nutrient use efficiency in grass and cereal crops, has been approved under the EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR) 2019/1009. PSI®362 joins a number of our products that have already received this certification. This is the third biostimulant in Brandon Bioscience’s portfolio that has received CE Certification.

The EU FPR allows Brandon Bioscience to specify the effects of their plant biostimulants and make these claims on the product label. The justification of PSI®362 Precision Technology claim was verified by an independent national Notified Body, Certrust Kft., following submission of a dossier of technical information and test results. Receiving this certification allows Brandon Bioscience to access the EU Single Market with PSI®362 Precision Technology with immediate effect.

How does PSI®362 Precision Technology work?

PSI®362 Precision Technology stimulates both nitrogen (N) uptake and assimilation mechanisms in the plant. When PSI®362 Precision Technology biostimulant is applied at the same time as your N fertiliser, it can be observed how it upregulates the gene expression of nitrate transporters in the root of the plant, taking up more of the available N in the soil. This effect at molecular level on N uptake translates in a measurable increase of nitrate content in plant tissue (>20% over untreated control). But PSI®362 Precision Technology also has a pronounced effect activating nitrogen assimilating enzymes in the plant at systemic level, leading to an accumulation of free amino acids, soluble proteins, and photosynthetic pigments, which is linked to enhanced growth and yield in broadacre crops. Overall, these results support the agronomic use of this biostimulant with its effect delivered through a defined physiological mode of action that allows up to 27% reduction in N fertiliser usage while maintaining or increasing crop yield. 

Following the registration of PSI®362 Precision Technology, Oliver Kiernan, CEO of Brandon Bioscience, stated: “We are very proud to continue to certify our portfolio of biostimulants. PSI®362 Precision Technology will carry the CE mark that confirms consistency, quality & traceability and gives it access to the EU Single Market. Well done to all our team who continue to ensure our portfolio and pipeline are both innovative, sustainable and accessible for growers around the world”.

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About Brandon Bioscience:

About Brandon Bioscience: Brandon Bioscience specialises in the development of plant biostimulants from natural resources using its PSI® Precision Technology. Based in Co. Kerry, Ireland, Brandon Bioscience’s biostimulant solutions are used by thousands of growers in over 40 countries to improve crop yield and quality sustainably.

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