Brandon Bioscience shortlisted for Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Awards 2024

Brandon Bioscience has been shortlisted for the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Awards for its SEALICIT® product. The Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena is hosted in partnership with the National Ploughing Championships and sees agritech companies from all over Ireland, pitching new innovations that will help optimise and futureproof the sector.

Brandon Bioscience is no stranger to the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena having taken the top prize in 2021 with the Sustainable Agriculture Award and Overall Winner award with the PSI®362 Precision Technology. PSI®362 helps farmers reduce their nitrogen use by up to 25% while still maintaining yields.

This year Brandon Bioscience has been shortlisted for an award with SEALCIT®, a biostimulant that secures yield by reducing pod shatter risk in crops such as oilseed rape. 

SEALICIT® works to physiologically increase pod shattering resistance and aid in uniform ripening prior to harvesting. It does this by downregulating INDEHISCENT (IND), the master regulator gene responsible for pod shatter in OSR. When IND is downregulated, lignification in the dehiscence zone (predetermined breaking point) is reduced thus making pods mechanically stronger and delaying their natural tendency to shatter. Growers can confidently direct head the crop later than usual to maximise yield and oil development for greater returns.  Additional peace of mind during periods of extreme weather is also a welcome plus.

With 100+ trials and an average yield increase of 4.5%, the scientifically proven benefits and substantial for growers. SEALICIT® buys time without compromising on yield through a longer harvesting window. It also gives flexibility with choice of OSR variety as well as improving field hygiene by reducing OSR volunteers into the following seasons.

In an exclusive distribution partnership with Nufarm Europe GmbH, SEALICIT® is available throughout Europe within Nufarm’s NuBio portfolio and carry the NuBio label. SEALICIT® is also approved under (FPR) 2019/1009 and carries the CE mark on product packaging.

Judging for the innovation arena awards takes place over the coming weeks, with the winners being announced at this year’s National Ploughing Championships. This year’s event is being held in Ratheniska, Co. Laois from 17th-19th September.

To learn more about SEALICIT®, speak to a member of our team.

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